Tiny Q's Fan Art

Title: Tom and Ginny all Misty

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: Apr 2004

Media: Pencil, Pencil Crayons, and Charcoal

Comments: Jelly Belly asked me to draw a pic from one of her fan fics and I was like ď... Sure!Ē. So I read of all of them, and then I had to think. I really liked the one scene from her S/R story where they were all flying like, and I got another idea that wasnít related at all to one of her other stories, which I still might draw... Anyhoo, I finally chose a scene from her T/G story, Down. I had a lot of fun with this one. I didnít use any ink and instead just started to color in my pencil lines. I think I will have to do more of these kinds of images. Oh, and she is supposed to be nude, but I donít do explicit nudity so I gave her a sheet.