Tiny Q's Fan Art

Title: The Girls are Scared

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: May 2004

Media: Ink and Pencil Crayons

Comments: I had a picture from Vogue which had seven women all standing like this looking scared. It was from a movie called 'Eight Women' which I have never heard of but I loved the pic, so I drew it. I don't really know what is happening in it, but Lallie said that the boys and girls had been kept apart at school and now, after a while, they were breaking into the girl part of the school to steal them back. I rather like the idea. I really wanted to put Pansy in here as well, but I resisted the temptation and made sure they were all members of the DA. I am thinking the pic is too dark, but there is nothing I can really do about it anymore. Blah.

From left to right: Cho, Luna, Ginny, Hannah, Hermione, Parvati, and Lavander