Tiny Q's Fan Art

Title: Dramatic Draco Attacking Something

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: June 2004

Media: Pencil

Comments: I was shopping with Lallie and all the merchandise they have for the new movie seems to have Harry Potter standing there looking all dramatic. It makes me sick. So when we were seated in Starbucks with out coffee type drinks, and I was waiting for Lallie to write the next part of our story, I began to draw. I had a general idea that I wanted to draw Draco looking all dramatic, but I did not expect this to come out. Oh well. I really rather like it, even if I have no idea where it came from. I think I am going to leave it as it is, but I might ink it at some point in time as well. Lallie says it’s more realistic than my usual style, what do you think??