Tiny Q's Fan Art

Title: Ginny in the Meadow

Artist: Tiny Q

Year: July 2004

Media: Ink and Pencil Crayons

Comments: When I found out that DV14 prt2 was almost done Lallie convinced me to actually e-mail Cassandra Claire and ask if I could do art for the chapter. (I had been debating to do it last time, but didnít) So I e-mailed her and she sent me the chapter and I skimmed it and picked out this scene as the one that I wanted to draw. I then proceeded to become anti-social and hermit-like so I could finish the pic. And here it is, Ginny in the meadow. I havenít actually read the chapter yet, but my pic is in it. Yay! Anyhoo, I am very pleased with the colouring and the background, though Ginnyís hair isnít as bright as I would like because I ran out of the right red. Oh well. Hope you likey!